Which is the object of the company?

The object of Raikan Ltd is the processing and packaging of aromatic plants and herbs.

Can I order products from all the packaging forms, shown on your website?/h3>

You can order all items that you see packaged on our website, and other of your choice.

Where is the headquarters of Raikan?

Raikan is based in Greece, in the industrial area of Komotini and has a branch in Bulgaria, at the town of Momcilgrad.

Is there availability of the products all year round?

Under normal circumstances, yes, there is. Seldom there are shortages of some goods, either because of reduced production due to weather conditions or due to sudden high demand for a particular product through the season.

What is the average time delivery of an order?

Orders in bulk packaging, sacks or boxes, the processing of the orders is immediate. As far as it concerns, orders in small package, the processing time depends on the size of the order. In any case it cannot be more than 20 working days.

Why there are no prices on the products displayed on your site?

Because our company is addressed in the wholesale market and the price of each item is determined by several factors, such as the quantity ordered, payment method, etc.

May I order your products packaged with my company logo?

Yes, we can pack our products in packaging of your choice and with the logo of your company.

Does Raikan make retail sales?

No. We are sorry, but Raikan products are sold only at the wholesale market

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